Sri Lanka (13 days)


  • 12 nights in 4 star hotels
  • Breakfast and dinner each day, except first and last days
  • All transfers
  • Driver/guide each day

Day 1:  Arrive in Sri Lanka and transfer to Colombo.  Meet and greet with your guide and transfer to your Negamboa hotel.  Enjoy the rest of the day on your own.

Day 2:  Today you will tour Annurdapura via Vilpattu Park.  Arriving at your hotel in the late afternoon.

Optional tours for today are: 

Anuradapura Ruins – $50.00 US, for two people

Anuradhapura founded in the 4th century B.C. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1982, and has the largest      number of ancient monuments of the great Sinhala civilization, including RuwanweliseyaDagoba, ThuparamaDagoba, Brazen Palace, the image of the Samadhi Buddha, Twin Ponds, Guard Stones, Isurumuniya Temple and the Moonstone. The ‘Sri Maha Bodhi’ or the sacred Bo tree is the oldest historically documented tree in the world. Proceed to Sigiriyaenroute visiting Mihintale and Aukana.

Day 3:  Todays tour sees you travelling to Dambulla/Sigiriya stopping along the way to see the largest number of ancient monuments of the Sinhala civilization and Sri Maha Bodhi (the worlds oldest tree).  There will also be a stop at Sygiriya Rock, where you can enjoy the fortress.  In the evening you will stop at your hotel for a two night stay.

Optional tours for today are:

Sigiriya Rock Fortress – $60.00 US, for two people

Climb the 5th century built UNESCO recognized world heritage site, Sigiriya Rock Fortress which built by King Kashyapa (477-495 AD). A moat, rampart, and extensive gardens including the renowned water gardens ring the base of the rock. Visit the world-renowned frescoes of the ‘Heavenly Maidens’ of Sigiriya while your tours in Sri Lanka, which are in a sheltered pocket of the rock approached by a spiral stairway. Experience the world’s ancient frescoes which are painted on plaster using earth pigments.

Day 4:  Your journey today takes you to the Dambulla caves for your tour of the     Buddha caves.  Here you will enjoy seeing all the rock paintings.  In the afternoon you will visit the Minneriya National Park for a walk amongst the elephants.

Optional Tours for today are: 

Dambulla Caves Temple – $15.00 US, for two people

Located at an elevation of 1118 feet from the sea level rises a massive rock from the surrounding plains of Dambulla of 600 feet high and over 2000 feet in length. It is home to the Worlds most acclaimed Cave complex of magnificent Buddha Images and Rock Paintings of vivid colours and shapes constructed and painted from around 2nd Century BC (Anuradhapura era) and     continued up to the Kandyan era of the 18th Century. Sinhalese people call it as ‘Dambulu Gala’ (Dambulla Rock) and the    Temple is called as the ‘RangiriDambuluViharaya’ (Golden Rock Dambulla Temple).

Mathale Hindu Temple – $30.00 US, for two people

Day 5:  On your morning drive to Kandy driving thru the beautiful mountain scenery, stopping in the Mathale area to see the spice garden and the Matahale Hindu Temple. Here you will also stay for two nights in your hotel.

Optional Tours for today are:

Kandy Tooth Relic Temple – 15.00 US, for two people

The Temple of the sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy is the most venerated place of worship for Buddhists throughout the world. Built in the 16th century, this temple houses the sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha brought to Sri Lanka from the Kalinga province in ancient India in the 4th century AD.

Cultural show – $15.00 US, for two people

In the evening we can visit Cultural Dance (Cultural Dance is a demonstration of dancers in EsalaPerahera and Sri Lankan traditional dancing around 5.30pm.

Botanical Gardens – $ 25.00 US, for two people

En route visit Peradeniya – Botanical Gardens was first built as a pleasure garden by a Sinhala king and was expanded by the British. It is 147 acres in extent and provides an amazing variety of trees, plants and flowers.  This amazing attraction is a must see for your holiday in Sri Lanka.  Experience awesome activity with a team of best adventures in Sri lanka, 100 feet controlled abseil down Sandun Ella waterfall where there is nothing but water above & beneath you. This will make you fearful, but within a movement feel it you a totally different intriguing experience with this adventure.

​Spice Garden – No fee for the entrance.

Spices and shown how some of these spices are grown and processed. A processing and training unit has been set up in the area and farmers are grouped in a cooperative to ensure fair prices and you will also be able to purchase spices.Gardens are open to visitors, a delightful place to stroll in fragrant greenery and learn about nutmeg, pepper vines, clove trees and curry, cinnamon and the precious cardamom, a relative of ginger. It grows in the shade of high jungle trees and can only be harvested by hand.

Visitors may buy spices, traditional remedies and cosmetics, taste a herbal brew and in some venues, enjoy the full flavors of Sri Lankan spices over lunch or an Ayurveda massage based on natural products from the garden.

Kandy Museum, Gem museum, tea Museum & factory – No entrance fee.

Do a city tour in a lovely city, encircled by hills, with a tranquil lake in its center, it is a house for realize your dream with gem & jewelry at gem museum in Kandy city. And also wood carvings will show you how to survive it with generation to generation with its endemic and own frame, choose your thousands of years old wood graven allotment with its warm people who offer this specific experience with a commemoration forever for your life.

Day 6:  You will visit the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawela then take our city tour of Kandy to the Gem Museum, Tooth Relic Museum, and the Botanical Gardens. We can take in a cultural dance at 5.30 p.m. if you wish (please see optional tours attached).

Optional Tours for today are the same as Day 5 with the addition of:

Pinnawala – Elephant Orphanage/Foundation – US$ 40 for two people.

See baby jumbos wondering around their cramped foster home or bottle fed and bathed by their human foster fathers at Pinnawala, about 90Km from Colombo towards Kandy is the home to some 60 or more elephant orphans. A place you will really enjoy and never forget. Most orphans are accustomed to their curious human visitors are harmless.Started in 1972 the Elephant Orphanage was relocated to at the present site in 1975 Bathing time at Ma Oya just in front of the orphanage is sharp at 10.00am and 2.00pm. Feeding time is about an hour earlier.

Day 7:  Today you will head off to Nuwareliya, the city called “Little England” for its gardens and ancient villages.  During your drive you will stop at waterfalls, tea gardens and factories along the way.  This is a drive full of beautiful landscapes.  Once again, you will stay for two nights at your hotel.

Optional tours for today are: 

Horton Plains and worlds end plus Ella hiking, Adams peak hiking, train ride first class 

NuwaraEliya – Horton plains & worlds end – $120.00 US, for two people

Horton Plains, located on a high windswept saddle at about 7,000 ft. (2134 m) elevation. The plains are an expanse of misty grassland with scraggy trees and ice-cold rivulets. World’s End is considered to be the finest view in all of Sri Lanka. The awesome escarpment drops vertically for about 4,000 feet, hence its name was given. Plains are also famous for the greenery and the cold climate.

Ella – Ella Hiking – No fee    

Two Mountains called Ella rock and little Adams Peak are the activities you have in Ella and you will have very good rest in this place just before your drive to south.

Little Adams Peak- Hiking – No fee

Though not the highest mountain of Sri Lanka, the striking pyramid of Adam’s Peak (7,360 ft) is certainly the most remarkable. A depression in the rocky summit resembles a huge footprint, which has been venerated as a sacred sigh from remote antiquity. This was identified by Buddhists as the Buddha’s footprint, by Hindus as that of Shiva, and by Muslims as Adam’s. Later the Portuguese attributed it to St. Thomas the Apostle.

Midnight we have to be ready for the climb and be there on the top at 5am for sun rise.

Day 8:  Today is a day set aside to enjoy the Horton Plains, in the city of Nuwareliya by Jeep.  This tour is designed to allow you time to discover all its natural beauty.

Optional Tours today are the same as Day 7

Day 9:  Today you take your first class train ticket from Nuwareiliya to Ella. The guide will follow in his car with the luggage and meet you at the train station.  Upon arrival in Ella, he will drive you to your hotel in Yala/Tissamaharama for a two night stay.

Day 10:  Today is spent enjoying a full day in Yala National Park.  You will also enjoy complimentary lunch in the park.

Optional Tours today are: 

Yala National Park – Full day safari Jeep, including entrance tickets – $160.00, for two people

Its open undulating terrain made it famous for elephants for many years, but recently the park has also received much fame through publicity by National Geographic and the Discovery TV channels, which focused on a leopard research/conservation and identification project. Claims have subsequently been made that Yala National Park has the world’s highest concentration of leopard per square kilometer. Yala – Sri Lanka’s most known national park is popular for Elephant, Leopard, Bear, Crocodile, Wild Boar and other various numbers of animals

Day 11:  In the morning you will visit Galle via a beautiful area enjoying some of the best suggested sights along the way, visiting or taking the Madu Ganga River Safari, a turtle hatchery, a fish market or go whale watching.  The choice is yours.

Optional tours for today are: 

Madu Ganga River Safari – $125.00 US, for two people

Sea boasts a cluster of 64 small islands scattered along her path and most of which are uninhabited and covered in mangroves. Madu is certainly a placid and memorable place of interest to any nature lover who longs to witness the mesmerizing landscape of nature. But over thrilled visitors are forewarned! – Madu River is also a known den for crocodiles!

Turtle Hatchery – $10.00 US, for two people

​In Kosgoda, visit the Turtle Hatchery which is being operated by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka.  Several species of turtles, especially the endangered hawksbill are protected here.  Most vulnerable of all are their eggs, which are left uncovered on beaches all around the coast.  The goodwill of Kosgoda area fishermen who bring these eggs gratis to the hatchery has led to the successful hatching of these turtles and as a result has released around 100,000 young turtles within a period of two years since the hatchery has been opened!

Whale watching – $80.00 US, for two people

Whale and dolphin watching in Mirissa is one of the most exciting water activities you can do in Sri Lanka.  Mirissa is the best place to start your whale and dolphin watching tour.  In the warm Indian Ocean you can see blue whales, bryde´s whales, sperm whales, fin whales, sometimes killer whales, and common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, risso’s dolphins and striped dolphins. Sometimes you can see turtles and various fish species, for example bluefin tuna and flying fish.

Day 12:  After breakfast we travel to Negambo via Colombo for your city tour.  You will then be transferred to your hotel, where you can enjoy a quiet evening reviewing all the wonders you have experienced.

Day 13:  Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Prices starting from $1,795.00 U.S. per person, based on double occupancy.

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