Lithuania – Klaipeda (3 hours)

The tour will begin at the cruise ship terminal, near the famous statue of the boy waving to the departing ships. As we pass the rotary bridge, you will learn about Klaipeda’s architectural history–from castles, to present day, to future plans. The city tour is focused on the Old Town of Klaipėda with its Theatre Square dominated by statue of Ann from Tharau, narrow alleyways with attractive courtyards, art galleries, cafes and small boutiques, blocks of lattice-work buildings, and old warehouse reflecting the influence of Germanic architecture  – Klaipedaof the Hanseatic period. Here you will get to know the old town of Kailpeda, the street layouts, architecture and history. You will see the sculptures that became famous attractions of the old town for many years: The Cat with the Face of a Gentleman, Mysterious Mouse, the Rooftop Chimney Sweeper, and other interesting old town tales. You’ll learn about the city’s old fortification and defensive system, and see the only existing ravelin in Klaipeda.

Passengers Price EUR/ per tour (3hrs)


95.00 E


105.00 E

125.00 E


145.00 E

Entrance fees are not included. Usually we are doing excursions and clients in their free times can enter in Museums.


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