La Spezia, Italy Cruise Port – Siena, San-Gimignano, Volterra (8 – 9 hours)

Duration:  8-9 hours

This tour departs from the La Spezia Cruise Port.

We will begin our tour in Siena, passing the nearby majestic Monteriggioni Fortress. Once in Siena, you will have free time to walk all around and visit the Duomo (Cathedral), Baptistry, the Crypt, or simply to shop and sight-see. Be sure to stop and taste delicious gelato (ice cream) dessert in a relaxing cafe around the Piazza del Campo, one of the most beautiful squares anywhere.

The Tower of Mangia – the second tallest Italian bell tower (the bell weighs over 7 tonnes!), the Palazzo Comunale and the Palaces surrounding the square will captivate your heart and your mind will jump back in time to the old world.

We are then on our way to San Gimignano.  Located in the Elsa Valley, San Gimignano offers itself as a splendid treasure hidden in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Here you will find fabulous watch towers, churches and medieval buildings. A quiet village that has descended through time from the Etruscan period to the Romans and from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, to the Medici and the Lorena nobility.

San Gimignano has always been extremely important for an economy based on agriculture. Fifteen watch towers are visible today (seventy-two existed in the Middle Ages) and that is why tourists have heard it called the “Medieval Manhattan”.  You may spend your morning and lunch here before heading to Volterra.

Volterra (Velathri) can be reached within a thirty minute drive westward from San Gimignano. It is one of the twelve main cities of the Etruscan confederation (Etruria). Priori Square and Priori Palace, The Medicean Fortress and Tower, the Cathedral, the Baptistry, The Museum Of Sacred Art, The Art Gallery, The Roman Theatre and Thermae and The Guarnacci Etruscan Museum are some of the highlights of this town.

Let your eyes dance across the landscape; you will most certainly be spellbound! Volterra is recognized as the alabaster capital of the world – in case you didn’t know! An authentic alabaster souvenir would make a wonderful keepsake or gift from your visit.

We will return you back to your ship or hotel afterwards.

8 hours

4 guests – 632,00 Euros total (158,00 Euros per guest – must be booked as a group of 4)

8 guests – 663,00 Euros total (83,00 Euros per guest – must be booked as a group of 8)

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