Greece – Driving Tour with Licensed Guide (4 or 8 hours)

Your choice of tour, what would you like to do?

There is so much to see and do in Athens and this shore excursion allows you to take control of your day and “do what you want to do”.   The hardest part will be to decide which places you would like to visit!   A few of your options are: The Hill of The Acropolis (Parthenon, Erechteion, Propylaia, Temple of Nike, Theater of Dionysus, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Areus Pagus/Mars Hill), New Acropolis Museum, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, The Hadrian’s Arch, The Panathenaic Stadium.  A nice walk through the Zappeion park. The Old Palace, The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier and The Changing of The Guards.  There is also the Greek Agora (Stoa of Attalos & Temple of Hyphaestus).  There is still much more to see, just ask and we can help you build a tour to fit you and your group!


Number of Guests

4 Hours

8 Hours

2 Guests

268,00 EUROS total

321,00 EUROS total

8 Guests


730,00 EUROS total

16 Guests


778,00 EUROS total


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